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Why can't I post in my clan forum?

Also I was a gamemaster Y'ALL BETTER RECOGNISE.

Huh, I see how it is. All you've done is make us angry. We will dominate clan league for the next 10 years for this treachery.

Oh don't worry, I know how good he was.

are you 10th dan yet?
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are you 10th dan yet?

Yes. I intended to play my 10th dan game in a RAWRgy but having been away from the game for a while I completely forgot that I was on 9997 games played and randomly decided to play some games a few months ago.

It was super embarrassing and I'm still moderately salty about the whole situation.
[02:19] <Dr_Strangelove> nearly 3 hours of nobody saying a word
[02:19] * Tamer0 is now known as TamerAfk
[02:19] <Dr_Strangelove> gg toribash
[02:19] <+hampa> gg
[RAWR] is unremovable from my mind, until die.

these fam are unforgettable for sure

Aegis | jdawg2001 | rawrneru | Manta | DarkDranz | Trice | Raiken

Aeon - RAM - Liquor

I think you can revive the clan again , because the active people are:werd,bendover,nuthug,and others i think.correct me if i was doing it wrong.