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what is my favourite colour


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how do i buy socks in nwn

i want socks

why do you want socks

also i updated my post for clarification, last thing I want (and im sure anyone for that matter) is this board turning into wibbles
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<@suomynona> 3 yes's, 4 rawrs...
<@Deanster-Drunk> was v close
<@suomynona> lol
<Snide_the_Clyde> im better at judo
<@suomynona> Snide_the_Clyde: I think you're in. But I almost told myself that...
<@Deanster-Drunk> welcome
<Snide_the_Clyde> yay!!!
...hrm. Looks like the thread's right to me. *whistles innocently*

Long time no see, Snide, how's things?
Squad Squad Squad lead?
The standardization of Toribash Squad roles may have gone too far!
Holy shit, I can't believe you actually have those logs. Good, very good. Just glad to see that tb is still around really and hasn't changed for the most part. Now I hope to actually stick around if at all possible, i'ts so easy to get distracted...
I just want to say, your story, simple yet effective.
"Do you explore the unknown or are you afraid of losing your throne?" I am Soon.
why do you have the logs for everything
do you just have a HDD dedicated to spirit logs
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