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(ita) Itami

Hello and welcome to Itami's board.

When I first woke up, I felt pain and I understood my purpose,
I came here, to make you feel

1. Don't be toxic.
2. Respect other players.
3. Don't be a retard.

4. Feel pain
5. Don't be scared of pain
Main rule: "No pain, no GAME"

[] Rank 1[].
[] Get official [].




The first event
Abd Tournament 10k - won Gamori (sponsored by OurBank777)
The second event
Abd Tournament 10k - won cryboi1 (sponsored by Gamori)


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Originally Posted by Zach View Post
Good Luck with the clan
and Merry Christmas <3

Thank you man :3
And Merry Christmas <3
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Hi you're missing your clan story/description on your thread.

Originally Posted by Clan Guidelines
A story or description about your clan
The clan's aims.
If your clan is using a bank, it must be listed clearly.

Please add it in within 7 days or your thread will be closed.
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