Уважаемые, не хотите как нибудь сыграть в эту игру?
0. Do you want to join Gangsters? mayb

1. Your RL name. cauria

2. Your mother's great-grandmother's name. olena

3. Your left leg's pinky's age. 16

4. Penis? mayb

5. How much time do you spend on Toribash per hour. 42 minutes!

6. What's the best clan to be in? (zzz)

7. Вилкой в глаз или в жопу раз? (go google that one) Пробач але моя сімя сказала ні

8. Third General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. nuh uh

9. Your favorite singer. kanye or 721gusto (sorry)
10. Biggest gay of tb community (with explanation). shine, he's finnish

11. First person you're going to call gay once you join g. shine

12. What's worse: being Tarlan or joining Hack twice? joining hack twice (never once joined)

14. i agree

16. Where did you spend 2010's summer? ukraine

17. What's up? the clouds

19. Subscribed to T-Series? no idea

20. Would you call yourself attentive? yes

21. Still sure you wanna join? mayb
(22. I will give 10tc to bank)

Haku doesn't pay me enough pesos :(
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Неон воскрес, однако ;)
rcl 2024 летс гоу

что бы воскреснуть, нужно умереть. Я был жив все таки
The new recruitment rule says that u have to win sir in torisex.tbm to be accepted as a gangster. Good luck.
Hosted >3000 events b4 you even was born.
In Toribash's echoes, where warriors once clashed,
Now whispers linger, in shadows they're stashed.
Empty arenas and memories untold,
The tale of a virtual world, growing cold.

Dojos abandoned, their spirits withdrawn,
A symphony of silence, where battles were drawn.
Players departed, their footsteps erased,
In the digital void, Toribash embraced.

Yet within the quiet, a phoenix may rise,
As nostalgia blooms and hope never dies.
Toribash's story, a chapter to close,
But in new beginnings, its spirit still flows.