I just have been informed about this, which took me by a massive surpise because Static was simply a great guy and deserved a long and joyful life.

Though I haven't been around for long in the last, what 7 years, I was lucky enough to hang out with him and few other friends like Haku and hanging out with them and the other boys from TANG and Evil was really one of the best experiences I had on this game. Whenever there was a lobby going and Static wasn't around I'd ask haku to get him on because he was genuinely a great guy and I loved hanging out with him. He could take a joke but I never saw him act maliciously towards anyone in any capacity. He was quite humble and often would just let his lenshu skills speak for themselves.

As long as the term "toribash" will linger in my memory, Static will undoubtedly remain attached to it. I don't know what else to say, I only have great memories with him and these news took me by surprise and left me devastated as I'm writing this paragraph.

Rest easy Static, we won't forget you.
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Hi, its been a long time that i don't interact with TB, Haku just told me that today and i felt i should leave a message. The most heart breaking thing is a youngster death, i've never been that close to Static due to the fact that i was so away from this world called tb, but i talked to him sometimes and he was a grace of a person. We never know what the other person is going through... I really hope u lived your life at maximum, i really hope there's no regret in your soul, i hope u felt complete until the very end of your life. There are things in life that change us and im sure that u changed for good ppl that were next to you, idk if i was important enough to remember me, it doesn't matter btw, but i wish i could say a farewell for you when you were alive. Rest in Peace.
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I haven't played this game in a hot minute and its terrible to come back to this news. Static was always a great dude and definitely deserves the status. Rest in peace homie, you hold a spot in this game forever.
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Just texted you again on discord hoping it would be a big misunderstanding and we'd just hop on rocket league again and laugh it off. I saw you in a few rooms and didn't say much, was just going through my own stuff I guess and couldn't be assed to drop a hello or a o/. Im just wondering what Meemaw is up to nowadays now that she can't embarrass you while you're in vc anymore. I appreciate this game for connecting me; a black guy from NYC and Static: a guy from the Deep South who's whole way of life was so different than mine. It took me a few months to really feel this but I guess this is it. I'll still be waiting for that dm or call laughing at me for believing this elaborate ruse. I love you man, congratulations.
p.s why the fuck were you so good at tk of all mods, fckn weirdo
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Mans was always fun to play with and talk trash with, didn’t like seeing this news after my inactivity
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i'm literally just now hearing about this, this sucks to hear one of the homies is gone man. glad he got put into legends.
Was gone for years and just came back and saw this, sucks to hear. Static was a real one. one of the gentlest souls I've ever come across. We would sit in skype and chat shit for hours and those were some of my fondest TB memories. He was always so encouraging no matter the circumstance. Legend was deserved for this absolute gem of a human, rest easy my brother.
damn, rest in peace man. you were always a joy to be around. even many years later I still remember that
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I feel awful that I am just learning what had happened to Static. That's what happens when you're gone for so long.

I wasn't super close to Static, but he was 100% one of the best if not THE BEST Toribash player i ever knew. I always looked up to him and knew that when he'd join the lobby, he was there to kick ass. And ass, he sure did kick.

I will miss you.

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I've known about this for a while but today it's hitting hard, I miss you static. Some of the most fun lenshu games of my life. He was a really great dude and an incredible player. Legend status well deserved.