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Hey moutarde76, this is looking to be a very exciting clan / team! Do you expect other SSBU teams to show up and begin recruiting? Or are you attempting to create a new competitive scene within the existing player base? Either way I'm excited to see where this goes!

Hey Corey ! I'm sorry but i didnt really understand your question lol x)
No i dont think any other team come into Toribash atm to be honest, maybe in the future when Toribash will get more players and more popularity.
The second question is a bit hard to answer, the Toribash scene already exist, but yes i tought about making more tournaments and maybe a entire competitive circuit. We'll see !

Thanks for your questions ! If you want to take part of the project, remember that we are currently recruiting for staff members, it would be impossible to make it without it
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Ayoo lets gooo nice clan here with promotional

Thanks brother !
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Hey everyone ! Unfortunately, we are stopping recruiting any people and cancel the majority of our projects on Toribash. We'll probably still make some tourneys/events/giveaway etc, but that's all.
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I didnt want to but it seems like players arent interested anymore

in your clan or?
Type 1 if you are edging