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This is where future ideas for the clan is submitted. No spamming of course. Ideas are to be decided in IRC. Please be prepared to states your reasons if need be. Also if some one makes a idea you do not like address them in PM or in IRC not need to post it here.
I think we could make an Memberlist for art seccion and replays etc etc you know what i mean??
Something like
Replay maker
Death is so sure of victory, which gives us a life of advantage
wait elaborate more i don't understand.

HOLY SHIT i had a cool idea
i am thinking of revamping the replay thread
so that everyone has all there old replays in it from oldest to newest
what do yuo guys think
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Free Pv2Caribou
@glawl ,Example my ass, u forgot me u doushe
anyways instead of that its an ok idea
ditto to u Orion which u probably did it already

bah haven't done yet
that's gonna be tough

but as you suggested i added the bank and irc to the memberlist
Free Pv2Caribou
Charitable Soul - 25 points
(donate 25k to the bank)
Rich Bastard - 75 points
(donate 100k to the bank)
I suggest that you raise cs to 75 or 50
and rb to like 120 110 100k is alot o money and donating 25k is a good amount of money to donate.
hey guys this is just a shot in the dark. But why not have a external link page(Website) for TLL. You know get our self on the web and what not. I don't know how this will affect member flow if it does at all. But I think its worth a shot.
bwahaha no

unless you want to pay to run a server, pay to run on someone's server etc.
then no. also toribash clans will get the most traffic via being on the toribash site

we tried it once
i have no desire to do it again
Free Pv2Caribou
I made Charitable Soul 25 because for a lot of people, 25k isn't very much.
I made rich bastard 3x more because 75k is a lot, and maybe the added points bonus would encourage people.