Muay Thai Championship Series 2020
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Listen up.
All you members, kick up the activity. me included. I am instating a 5 post minimum a day rule. on BOTH forums. yes, i said it.

If you are not a member yet, it would be in your best interest to post more than that. and i want quality posts from all, not some spam post so you can get your 5.
<~Fear> fuck, Pv2Caribou is that you?
<~Fear> you look like you suplex fucking rhinos
Well you guys know that i can't post 5 post per day because my p is fucked up and i haven't fixed it :/ when icome back i'll be active
Death is so sure of victory, which gives us a life of advantage
5 posts a minimum eh. Eh fine. But I don't want to have any of the bull shit of just mindless re commenting which make it disheartening to re-post. And then leads to laziness. Which will lead to no more posts. Though this is just common sense.
What are you talking about I post 5 times in this fourm a day, mabye 17 in the externals due to the wide reach of topics...But I do post... So dont say noone