wait what?... Toripaa and Toripaa2?.......... that did just brain f*ck me xD
Aimlessly swimming in circumcisions
Really? Brain fucked? You don't see me already tuni

clicky piccy

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LOLwut and just saying maybe next time put it in a spoiler like this

just to show but click it

Aimlessly swimming in circumcisions
We need more people and more posts. And Toripaa is my friends account Toripaa2 is mine
Something is better than nothing.

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Lol. Hjust say its your alt toripaa2

No its not, i made it with my friend but i wanted to have own accout so i created toripaa2 and gave toripaa to my friend
Something is better than nothing.

Hey can i join? I'm almost black belt but i play a lot better then my belt! My in game name is mikey6497
I fought you ingame BUT you need more posts. Promise me that you post more to this thread, and you are in
Something is better than nothing.