Muay Thai Championship Series 2020
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(Lux) Lux

LUX was created to bring a new light into Toribash. Our goal is to enjoy this game, and develop a style with no limitations.

Banish the shadows!
-Lux, of Demacia.

Our only rule: Be nice


~We have gotten into the top 10 ranked clans!
~We now have 30k in the bank!
~We have been active 8 months!

Apply Here
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CxTrXs: You might want to add a members list, rules, goals and stuff like that and good luck with the clan I hope it goes well
Meeeehhhh, not a lot has happened since we played last. I feel like we have got a solid group together for the foundation of our clan. I have just been thinking about how we should rank everyone within the clan.

Would you want to be able to recruit people to Lux?
I might want to biut idk how to invite people :P
Might want to put an achieve list and get at least 10 members (6 i think at the time of this post)
Lol u made a achieve list just now xD
Or him
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i want to join and here is the app
i want to join this clan to help it get active and help the people in it
im 14 years old
my Qi is 1708
my belt is black
and my faviorate mods are
ninjutsu and aikido
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Rerplay pls show up :|
No,file didnt go on
Can bronyfan join?
His exact name is bronyfan
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I wish to participate in this Clan in order to help it grows, making new mates and meet the objectives of the Clan.

My Age: 14

My favorite mods: Aikido, AkidobigDojo, Ninjutsu, Parkour City A, B, C, D, E.

My Qi: 908

Nor never was ticketed and something went spaces.

This is one of my replays:
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