Can I be a recruiter with Meeeehhhh?

If not, I understand.

Also, nice replay fogotten
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Id say a yes from me just get that qi higher
Cxtrxs try adding like clan war specialists or something else like warriors i guess
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This is the Lux's discussion forum thread, right? We can discuss and chat here, right?
Me and Chaz organized a friendly clan wars with the Furious Vipers (Fv) and some other guys (Zolalo and Noob), we should make more clan wars like this, it's so nice and fun, these clan wars could have prizes, i offered a superfly relax to the winner clan's bank, what do you guys think?
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Yes, this is the discussion thread, for chating and stuff.

Friendly clan wars sound cool. I dont understand how they work though.
They basically work like this:
0 - A warjudge shall be voted/chosen by every member that is participating on the clan war, this warjudge shall write everything down and tell the other members what battle (who vs who) is it.

1 - Each clan starts with 0 points in scoreboard, if a clan win a battle, they get 1 point, if a clan reaches 5 points or more, they win the clanwar.

2 - Each clan are represented by a warleader chosen by the members of the clan.

3 - The clan's warleader decides what member of his clan that is going to fight in next round.

4 - The order of the battles is like this:
Round 1 - Random Clan vs Random Clan
Round 2 - Other Clan vs Other Clan (Only if it is 4 clans)
Round 3 - Loser of Round 1 vs Loser of Round 2 (Only if it is 4 clans)
Round 4 - Winner of Round 1 vs Winner of Round 2 (Only if it is 4 clans)

Repeat the process above with the new rounds (winner of round 3 vs winner of round 4 and loser of round 3 vs loser of round 4, you understand it, i guess.)

If there is only 2 clans in the clan war, then only the Round 1 shall be repeated, in this case, the warjudge will know what to do.

Sorry for the bad english, btw.

PS:Remember one thing, this is what we did on the previous friendly clan war, but i don't really know if it works like that, so don't think that what i said is entirely correct.
I was searching some information about Clan Wars in the forum, and i found that a entirely new automatic clan war system will going to be implemented in Toribash 4.6, so we can wait before we make more clan wars or make new clan wars without the automatic system.
However, apparently the new clan war system only supports 2 clans and it needs like 10 members of each clan for it works.
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Hey guys, just checking up on you, mid if I post here? You activity's kinda low.
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