Muay Thai Championship Series 2020
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I need 100k in order to change my name to 'Fucker'. GM approved. Let's do this!
goodbye cruel world
I would like to join I am a green belt and ten till blue belt
I am good at Jousting and make toribash head textures
They call me Z for short and I am very kind and nice
I have never been in a clan But I know the ways of the clans
so thanks for reading
please pm if I am in or not
I kind of like the clan name and the clan seems pretty cool although the lack of a clan thread link on the clan page is a little odd. I would make the clan page look better if you wanted me to.
About me
I realised how cool the forum was a few weeks ago and since then I have made more than 100 posts (I had a post count of less than 8 until about 4 weeks ago). I am not sure how much this clan cares about forum activity so I won't say anything else about it.
I have been a 2nd Dan black belt for quite a while now and enjoy playing aikido big dojo against more advanced players (who I seem to be better at fighting than lower skill players for some reason). I think I have a win ratio slightly above 50% but am not sure right now and haven't checked in a while.
I also like spar and parkour mods and trying to find new ways of moving (my ultimate goal is developing a moonwalk but I have had little success).

Reasons to accept me: I don't mind doing things for the clan like running recruitment servers, answering questions making shtty textures and art for the clan using MSpaint (it is actually a fake version of paint for MacBooks called "Brush" which is more limited and less fun) resorting to drawing pixels one by one most of the time. I am a decent fighter in multiplayer and tend to be pretty reasonable when people although I do occasionally rage at people during sparring if it wastes too much if my time.

I write this with very little knowledge of the clan based on the clan name so forgive me if I have not appreciated the sort of clan this is (U might B 2 pr0 4 me).

Thank you for reading. Please tell me if you reject me so I can try for another clan.
Good morning sweet princess
Well, i want to get into your clan cause it has a really cool name, which would also fit my username

I've been playing Toribash for quite some time, on this account i'm bluebelt but i've got 3 blackbelt accounts (FaBi2525, Muffinz29 and Splitterz) so i have more experience than most bluebelts.

My best mod is, without any doubt judo, but i'm also not too bad in aikido.

I'm well known in the semipro judo server and most of the people there like me

Thats it, pm me about wether you accept me or not
1. Not the right board.

2. This is already dead anyway.

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