Muay Thai Championship Series 2020
your artistic skills, especially with your rainbow signature and animated gif picture are amazing. (I have no proof yet though please tell me who made that gif plz)
I hate all of you.
I literally Googled "free 100 kb gif avvy" and found it there
My signature was too long so I got this pretty rainbow here instead now. Isn't it nice? This is a nice rainbow.

Risk did this to me and I hate him forever, please join the official "Fuck Risk in the Ass With a Live Bat" social group to join me in hating Risk:
Click here to join my cult to fuck Risk in the ass with a live bat
Lol Damn it guys I got an infraction for all the "fucking" on the clan artwork >.< . I did not think I would get infracted for that so my bad fellas I will remove it now.
Here's some replays of me reking Dime c:
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Aikido- O that save.rpl (49.3 KB, 2 views)
Mushu- That dodge.rpl (33.0 KB, 4 views)
Budskido- Ded.rpl (71.7 KB, 5 views)
Rdm- lol save with dime.rpl (92.6 KB, 2 views)
Erthtk- Boom.rpl (90.4 KB, 2 views)