Muay Thai Championship Series 2020
Ok so finally I did the right check.

February 2020

Things kept almost the same tho, except that Notorious are not receiving a warning like I said.

I apologize for my mistake and thanks for waiting
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We went ahead and added another section under Clan War Rules

F) Rigging clan wars is prohibited and the players/clans involved will be punished at the Clan Squad admin's discretion.

Clan wars are considered "rigged" when member/s of a clan log into an alternate account to initiate a war with the clan that their main account is in to farm perk points and levels. If you see this happening please report it.
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splish splash Aeon is trash
guys, make some new perks please, we have 112k to spend D: also thank you so much for your work
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Sup nerds. This activity check comes slightly delayed because the world is on fire, and ngl I've been drowning my sorrows in tetraminos.


So as you can see, most of you are doing alright, but you got duck and Vibe falling below the 25 threshold so will be receiving a warning. duck has recently passed an appeal so will unfortunately be rip,and Notorious unfortunately will be receiving their 2nd strike and so can appeal or choose the become unofficial.

Other than those three, everyone else is doing pretty well. Particular shout outs to Damned, Adventure, win, TANG and fl0w who are all smashing it.

I expect to see the next activity check all green because of the quarantine.

A further congratulations to Aqours who become the latest addition to the official clan list. Will be adding their board as soon as I've finished writing this post.

The general updates for CS as it stands are pretty low energy at the moment, not only are things weird in the world, but with all the dev work going towards TBN, we're at a little bit of a stand still and all of the projects we'd hoped to push forward are on the back burner until the devs can free up some time. As such, we're officially closing all clan squad applications. if you've sent one in and haven't been added by the time of this post then I'm afraid it's a no go. There just isn't the work. also, I've been leading CS for a little while but we made it slightly more official now. So hi again.

Having said that, I would like to encourage discussion and, in particular, perk suggestions. Things you'd like to see that may require little to no dev work, whether that be quality of life changes or whatever, or even boons to your ingame server, please let us know.
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Hi, next activity check. Again, delayed because the world is on fire.


A few new additions to the roster which is nice to see.
We have RA, Hidden and Nausea gaining strikes this month.
Unfortunately we also have Vibe gaining their 2nd strike so we'll be awaiting an appeal or decision on their part.

Not much to be said, CS are in a limbo at the moment due to the development of TBN, we're waiting to see what we're working with as much as you guys on that front.
Taa, see you in a few months.
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Also I stream tetris and other things
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