Muay Thai Championship Series 2020
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Hi guys, I'm gonna help sponsor a TMMA event

Hello and welcome to Team MMA's Muay Thai Tournament.

The mission of Team MMA is to inspire collaboration between the best aikidoists, boxers, sparrers, and like minded players of Toribash to explore, develop, and popularize competitive realism in viable mods all across the Toribash servers and community.

Competitive Realism is simply the use of real-world martial-art technique and strategy in a competitive and realistic fight environment.

-Fights consist of 5 rounds of 350 frames
-All strikes allowed(no cartwheel kicks)
-You are a DOWN fighter when your hands or body touch the floor
-A KNOCKDOWN is only scored if the DOWN fighter cannot return to their feet within 60 frames
-Do not strike a DOWN fighter
-Being DOWN for over 100 frames can be declared a TKO if the direct result of opponent's striking(this does not include any grappling or sweeps/trips)
-Strikes will score more depending how powerful, clean, and technically sound they are and their noticable effect on their target
-Throws, sweeps, trips allowed(Muay Thai normally limits what kind you are allowed to do) only limitations: must remain standing, cannot lift opponent, and must be facing each other when initiating
-When a kick is caught, the catcher can perform one move before having to release the leg, whether it be a grapple attempt (trip, throw, sweep) or a strike
-Each round is scored separately, but the winner is decided by overall performance in the entire fight(Losing a round due to being DOWN may not lose the fight)
-Judges will be looking for, in order of importance: Effective Aggression(accurate strikes that cause damage), Ring Generalship(setting the pace while negating their efforts), and Pure Aggression(forcing the action)

This tournament is a 16-man double elimination tournament.

Every fight will be played in

Make sure you have autosave on.
After completing the fights, one of the sides has to post the replays.

If a pair is unable to finish their fight within the given time, both of them will get disqualified


1st Place
50,000 TC

2nd Place
20,000 TC

3rd Place
15,000 TC

Fight of the Night
20,000 TC to be split among players

Move of the Night
10,000 TC

To enter this tournament, you have to be a part of Team MMA and fill up the form below

You've successfully sent 1,500 TC

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Am gonna change the picture to this because it looks cooler


if any of you hombres wanna help me in supporting them, just shoot me a pm

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Any of you guys wanna sponsor them as well

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Considering it but I'd have to know more about what the event entails and what mod would be used.
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Ayyy, it's going to be a TMMA event, if you haven't checked out the Events board, you must see one of their events. It wont be played like regular Toribash since they are trying to promote competitive realism.

Also, I updated the op

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