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How to get the oldschool look in 5.3
Hi, thought I'd share how I got my oldschool-ish client for toribash 5.3. I didn't like the look of the new update so I attempted to revert it back to the client of old. This is how I did it.

To get the old menu back, you need to lower the resolution to the old resolution (800x600). It will break the new menu and give you a message "Reverting to old menu" or something along those lines.

Next, you'll need full cel-shaded tori which costs 30k-50k (if you buy it from the shop). Active that and edit the uke files. Replace the new head with this old head. (you can do the same with tori if you wish).

Next you'll need to edit the item.dat files for uke/tori so they will also be wearing full cel-shaded.

Last part is lowering the settings (all of them) to the absolute lowest.

After you've done that, your client should look like this. (compared it to 3.6)