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What do you do for a job?
Personally I'm a freelance copywriter. I think it'd be interesting to see what Toribashers do professionally.
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I'm a intermediate graphic designer and web designer. Been working in corporate for a while now.
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I'm a freelance video editor.

But sometimes I use my skills for shitposting.
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i dont have a job atm so ill just say what i want to do as of right now, there is a local amusement park where i live and i wanna help operate the rides. my mom used to work there and one of my friends just got started working there. only problem is that transportation kinda rough and we have a pandemic lol

what i really wanna do in life tho is be a musician, i've been writing music for a while but tbf i just dont know where to start business wise, and i dont have the money to invest in proper equipment

edit; also thought i would mention im 17, and it would be my first job haha
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berzerk why you duel running?
Awesome stuff, everyone! Hoping it all goes well after the quarantine ends.
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I'm a lifeguard and Operations Assistant which is okay, it has it's pros and cons and you see some crazy stuff lol. I'm currently doing my Personal Training course which i'm almost finished but I train my sister and a couple of my friends to help them with nutrition and spend some time in the gym with them to get some experience
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