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Changing Your Clan's Moderators
Changing Your Clan's Moderators

Leaders, if your clan needs to have it's board moderators (L-mods) changed, please send a PM to anybody in the Clan Management usergroup. The list of current Clan Management members can be found here. DO NOT attempt to change the moderators for your clan unless you have the proper authority to do so (i.e. Leaders, Co-Leaders, etc.). In your PM, please leave your clan name and the names of the users to be promoted/demoted. (It also doesn't hurt to include the link to your clan's board.)

Example PM Template:
Clan Name:
Clan Link:
Your Rank:
Users To Be Promoted:
Users To Be Demoted:
*This only applies to official clans with their own board/private board as unofficial clans are moderated by Clan Management as well as the Clan Squad.

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