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Parrot Resignations
If you are leaving us. Post here, if you make any new threads on this matter, they will be deleted because the BELONG HERE..

So if for any reason you are leaving us feel free to inform us here so we dont waste room on our roster thinking you are still active.

Much thanks.
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I am going to be away until Easter, this is where I thought it would be good to post ^^
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Okay, I'm not sure though. It's not like you're resigning really ^^

However, have fun ^^
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Yeah, I know.
We should rename this thread "Parrot Resignations and Inactivity Notices".
Thanks ^^
This means the clan pic will take a little longer btw.
"I heard a good song on pornhub" -[Ethr]MrBoXMan
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I'm very sorry to announce that I'm leaving Parrot, guys. I feel there's a lack of activity in IRC and in-game. I'm aware of that my in-game activity was low, but it increased a lot some weeks ago. I hope we can still be friends and such. I don't want to make enemies or something. You're still nice guys and I'm grateful for the time I had in Parrot.

No hard feelings eh? :P

Thanks for the time and I do not regret being in Parrot. Have fun and enjoy life guys! <333

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Aww dammit.

Seeya man

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