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[Obey] - Events/Suggestions
Where we organise events and you can express your opinions on thing we need to improve/you want done.
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u should wait for Floop to design correctly each important treads...
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Talking about all this im gonna make a little school to help some of you guys to be more pro whit all the members they will be like missions number 1,2 etc etc here are the stats:
JoboMan:Class 1
Floopy:Class 1
Zazo:Class 2
javion:Class 1
bijon:Class 1
hattersin:Class 1
Slybash:Class 1
Lindzee:Class 1
and why not allies too post if you wanna join the class.
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Ok join the Game jo Class
Class Number 1:Stones,Shoveler and Pros.
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We can have member spotlight videos for our profiles.
Discussion of the production takes place in the replay thread.
I want to do this very badly. In fact, I'm going to be the first to finish their video.

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