TA Recruitment
I am Žilvinas (call me Jonas if you want), right now I am fourteen years old and I live in Lithuania and my GMT here is +3.
I lost my replay folder so I guess I will have to give you the newest ones. I am not that good at scoring points, but I am decent at it. I mostly spar or play a bit of parkour because that is the most entertaining thing to do throughout the day.
Sparring is the most fun for me, because you can recreate fights, do flips and all kinds of tricks and that is where I improve my skills, because people teach me how to do a lot of stuff and give me tips. And parkour is where I learn to get around obstacles and do different tricks when jumping off of something.
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Hey mate sorry we aren't quite recruiting at the moment. Feel free to join our discord though. A lot of members are pretty busy irl at the moment so it will be hard to get to know everyone but it would definitely increase your chances
I apologise for this post.