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Zazo, how come I never see you on the market.
I also never see Jobo anymore...


I don't really see anyone in the market that I remember from when I started except dawestreen, MegaCash, and ever so rarely, Jire.

. . . . .You never see me.
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Someone go seduce DarkDranz so he makes me free trails D:
From now on I'll be hangin' around in quick aikido servers and so the journey to Custom Belt begins.

how i didnt see this?
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I stopped marketing since summer last year lol.

Silly Zazo, one cannot simply "not market".

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Jire is still alive?

Yes, he is still "alive".

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. . . . .You never see me.

I see you in the market sometimes.
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I stopped because my brazilian virgin 13 year old friend introduced me to league of legends. I would only market now to sell the TC and buy RP for LoL.:3
I have a question/request. I would like to start marketing so I can get a namchange and custom user title(namechange is the more important). Anyway I have 6k tc. And I can't get ingame as I don't have a PC. I do forums via my blackberry. So basically is anyone here willing to coach/teach me or help me somehow?
I could, but I haven't marketed in almost a year (summer makes a year). So I'm basically clueless as to what the market prices are. You should PM MocroGunz or Firebolty about it.
i just spent 5 minutes looking for the dsc because i forgot we were official
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one cannot simply "not market".

you have to never even start, like me

(just beg and people will give you what you want)
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