Bedel will win this war for sure XD
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Did you honestly think you'd look like a badass if you hand the handkerchief there? You still look like a fat jewish baby.
He looks sexy don't mess with him or he'll go all cowboy on yo ass.

<3 alex
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You just wanna twist my nipples don't yah?

I bad....

You seriously look exactly how you sound. I hope you own something besides that trashy uniform :P
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I look exactly how I sound? Says the ''so called'' 17 year old competing with Jaden Smith. Stop lying about your age Javion, I'm sure you don't want me posting your pictures for you. You don't have beard you sad black virgin pipsqueek - I'll fart on you.
You see kids? This is how a 13-year-old acts. Do you know what we do when 13-year-olds try to make us mad? That's right! We ignore them!
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