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[Obey] - Replays
post them up!

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I apologise for this post.
I haven't been on in a while, and completely clueless of how to post a replay. So if you don't mind just.. y'know.:3

Atomic Bomb - Fix the landing - 8/10
Decapination - Make it faster - 8.25/10
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So no one's gonna tell me? As a member since 08 and high rank/belt I refuse to embrace the embarassment of using the Beginner Sanctuary thread to ask such a question.
Are you kidding or are you really that dumb? I can't tell.

You click "go advanced" and then press the paperclip button. It will pull up a menu separate from your browser that will allow you to upload your replay. To use the menu simply click "choose file" find your replay, click it, then hit upload. Bing Bang Boom you're a replay uploading pro.
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Time to bomb you guys...

Javion a long time ago you told me i was i "Low grav noob"
so i made the 50 Grav replay :P

Can't touch this is my favorite replay. i don't know why though.

Crane is a replay of a version of my favorite mod.


I have nothing to say about the last one.
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crane.rpl (105.2 KB, 34 views)
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Huuug.rpl (93.8 KB, 48 views)
Hung was pretty good.

But whoa HandorintesonderEDIT please tell me you made that one because that was beautiful. Hardcore Ormo shit.
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Sorry about that Borjon I have no idea what happened all of a sudden my internet went to shit and I pinged. I can't get on for the rest of the day.

Anyway here's the replay we did. I think I still got it.

Notice to anyone who cares, I'm going to try sparring more now so if anyone wants to fight with me. I'll try not to ping.
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