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The Cowmeat - Gentleman feud, a compendium
So as I'm sure many of you are aware there has been quite a feud between Cowmeat and Gentleman resulting in hundreds of dollars being won and lost between bets I put together this concise thread of details so you can fully understand exactly what has happened.

First, we see Cowmeat and Gentleman dueling, which escalated into extremely high level beats because Gent continued to lose. Eventually he had lost a net sum of 850 USD to Cowmeat, this led to Gent leaving Toribash because it hurt him financially so, so much. Tim told Cowmeat to return all the money to Gentleman because that was all money for Gent to buy his college materials, Cowmeat refused and flamed Hattersin, this is a snipit of conversation between the two of them

[00:31:53] Mud: yo
[00:31:57] Mud: could we let this one slide
[00:32:09] Mud: Like, I like Gent and you both, I don't want anyone arguing
[00:32:15] Cowmeat: Well fuck that guy
[00:32:19] Cowmeat: If he is so salty
[00:32:21] Cowmeat: after losing fair
[00:32:23] Cowmeat: I ddnt even flame him
[00:32:30] Cowmeat: not my fault now is it?
[00:32:38] Mud: You kinda dueled him 500 usd..
[00:32:43] Mud: he was obviously kidding
[00:32:48] Mud: right
[00:32:49] Cowmeat: Well looking at the money
[00:32:51] Cowmeat: he clearly wasn't
[00:33:06] Mud: dude
[00:33:10] Cowmeat: so how about no
[00:33:15] Mud: come on
[00:33:21] Cowmeat: Really dude?
[00:33:24] Cowmeat: Would you?
[00:33:28] Mud: it's not a big deal
[00:33:35] Cowmeat: You know me
[00:33:43] Cowmeat: he flames me
[00:33:48] Cowmeat: I know Im a cunt
[00:33:52] Cowmeat: for talking back
[00:33:59] Cowmeat: but then
[00:34:00] Cowmeat: you know me
[00:34:30] Mud: this is a shitshow, could you two just make up
[00:34:42] Mud: idk what happened ,just like
[00:34:45] Mud: not during clan league
[00:34:48] Cowmeat: up to him not me
[00:35:07] Cowmeat: so yeah
[00:35:08] Cowmeat: fck him
[00:35:08] Mud: ugh, I hate to do this
[00:35:13] Cowmeat: thats final
[00:35:15] Mud: technically he's been in obey longer :/
[00:38:12] Cowmeat: fck off

As you can see, Cow was being a taught asshole, he was kicked for good reason. Gentleman needed some of his money back because he had lost well over half of all of it, so he challenged Cow to a 500 dollar final match. To avoid scams, both Gent and Cow sent Hattersin 500 dollars via paypal, the winner was sent all of the money. In a Greykido duel, best of 1, Gent took the money, but Cow is still ahead. What is to come is yet unknown.

Gents I quit thread:

The initial skype dump was on the private board, sorry.

Shout out to the Parrot IRC boys who read up on all that was happening

Here is a link to the .rpl of the fight between Gent and Cow, unfortuantely I only grabbed the last one

Hopefully you can all see why we kicked Cow from Obey, and why Gent has opted to quit. Thanks for reading, stay in school and don't gamble, then you'll end up better than Cow and Gent.

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lmfao why would you fucking agree to a $500 USD duel if you weren't willing to accept the possibility of losing it?

EDIT: No but serious, joke or not... Who actually agrees to a $500 USD duel if they're not willing to accept losing?
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It took me 3 years to learn that non V.I.Ps could have signature 2:18 9/24/2015
Why in the absolute fuck would you duel $500 over a video game? This game isn't Esports or some major league type, it's a small indie game that you both decided to duel half of 1k over. I don't feel like going on an on about this, but I just can't see the logic or point to thinking that gambling that much money through a video game was a good idea.
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