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Actually I could really use that. Can I send you some keyframed replays later this week?
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Sure, send them, tell me.if you want any shaders, I record them and upload them in mediafare (cause that way it doesnt lose as much quality as uploading to youtube, or I could put google drive, whatever you prefer)
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Do we just post the replays here? If so, here they are
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Instep - Manip - Marigold 2.rpl (897.7 KB, 0 views)
Instep - B - Thanatophobia.rpl (366.1 KB, 1 views)
Instep - M - Timelapse.rpl (440.5 KB, 0 views)
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My replay thread
im bad at keyframing can someone do it for me please ?
i can send the replays anywhere u like for it
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Originally Posted by Lionet View Post
have we decided a song yet?

Darude sandstorm played on a potatoe (you see, I am a man of culture)

Seriously tho, I agree if the guys who will be making the edit choose the song, it might be better that way, they would most likely work better and get some nice syncs
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ok here
they're not keyframed cause im pretty awful at it
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M - I Saw The SugarMan.rpl (656.0 KB, 5 views)
M - SandStorm.rpl (363.7 KB, 4 views)
M - Faster than light.rpl (409.1 KB, 5 views)
[M] Touch.rpl (145.9 KB, 3 views)
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