Use mind games to psych out your opponents. Round one of tk: Moop challenges an opponent to a 1 on 1. The flock assembles and floods their server. And intimidates the opposing clan's member with their greatness in numbers.

Moop holds all for the entire match - extending his neck every once in awhile to confuse the enemy. His opponent kills himself with self damage; unable to predict Moop's next move.

You guys will advance to the final and win it all with smoke and mirrors tactics alone. I believe it.

i can share my space engineers creation collections, its basically legos the videogame
майнкрафт это моя жизнь
hey I have that game I think I have like 20 minutes on it

also something about haxball and badminton
Don't dm me pictures of bowls that you find attractive.
Am I on CL??
Rose Moderated Message:
Infracted for being too damn sexy
Yes you are, everyone from parrot can take part.
[Parrot], [Alpha], [Parrot], [WAPOW]
[NOoT], [TL] and [TA]
Clan League 2016 2nd place holder.
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We'll probably need every active person anyway

<Erf> SkulFuk: gf just made a toilet sniffing joke at me
<Erf> i think
<Erf> i think i hate you