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#Learn a Language (Invades Requested!)

Feel like learning something new? Fill up yourself with culture? Or even you have some doubts about how to speak a specific language correctly?
Maybe you've heard a british weird expression and you can't understand what it means and you're looking for someone who can clarify that to you.
Possibly you're just lurking and want to scroll throughout a random thread that potentially will have good and funny content.

Well then, this thread was made for you!

This thread is restricted to sharing informations about foreign languages. Here you can learn new languages, new cultures,
and maybe have some fun with weird expressions from another country. Also, if you have some good culture to share with us,
you're more than welcomed to participate as a Culture Holder, a one that is proud of its own world knowledge and is thirsty
to share all the information that this person might have gathered throughout its whole life!

disclaimer: if you have any jokes similar to those below, just post here and I'll add them

It's a doddle! As easy as ABC!

Or as easy as telling a baby not to cry

If you have a question, you don't even have to bother with anything besides the question itself
and if there are Culture Holders (or Teachers) of the language you're struggling with to learn.
If you feel like signing up as a Culture Holder, you can drop an apply-like apply (not really an apply,
just let us know you want to get in OP) informing your country and the languages you are fluent in,
but you also should not sweat about it! You can share with us curiosities even if you're not signed up!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Culture Holders are not obligated to answer your questions, you should have it in mind.
This thread is mainly for fun and isn't business until Vector say so. That being said, you can't complaint if your question wasn't
answered or that the response took too long, I'm sorry but not even if the person is in Teachers list that doesn't mean that this
person have to answer you nor posting often here. But, I should please ask you to be considerate and don't sign your name as a
teacher and never contribute even a little bit. If you can't post regularly or just don't feel like, you can make it explicit in your apply
that you'd rather being pm'd or something instead of being asked in here and I'll gladly inform that next to your name.

also if you let a funny phrase with your apply I can add it next to your name too xd

All languages that can be taught

Culture Holders

Patrickooo: Speaks Arabic, English, French and Italian. ~also known as Vector's Patrão, a translation to Big Boss from brazilian portuguese

victortb: Speaks English and Portuguese fluenty, learning French. ~alguem br?

Trice: Speaks English and Indonesia. Wants to learn French or Italian.

Aadame: Speaks English, Polish and a little bit of German. Was learning Japanese. ~damn pat with his mod skills

Origanami: Speaks Hebrew, English and a little tiny bit of Yiddiish.

denilumi: Speaks Albanian and English.

Lionet: Speaks English, brazilian Portuguese and beginner Weeaboo Japanese. ~I'll use a gif to take lines to myself

Onsola: Speaks Spanish (Argentina/Spain). He would ♥ to learn Russian or German. ~okno

Instep: Can teach Indonesia. ~a very very quiet guy. Beware, he awakes when you're sleep

Life: Speaks English and Portuguese (BR). ~actual in real life portuguese/english teacher

Pegasus: Speaks English and brazilian Portuguese. Wants to get better at English. ~did someone get the pun above^??

Surge: Can help with English (UK). ~psst! don't tell him about the british jokes D:

Sora: Can speak Hungarian, German and a little bit of English.

Alpha: Speaks English and all 7 dialets of Arabic and half decent at French. Learning Tamazight and Japanese hiragana and katakana. Also he's another Weeb. ~!دجاج مقلي means fried chicken

Zibril: Speaks English and can teach Indonesia. Wanna learn Japanese and French. Also he's too another Weeb.

Shigiezi: Wanna learn Japanese.

The124: Speaks Portuguese and wants to learn English. ~I dont know what I put here
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And yeah I can post daily I don't care just sign me in this looks fun.
Go ahead and make me a teacher if you feel the urge to, I don't mind.
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do you mind if i join too?
I can speak english and Indonesia and want to learn either French or Italian
"0h no" -Trice
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Originally Posted by Nike View Post
do you mind if i join too?
I can speak english and Indonesia and want to learn either French or Italian

sure thing! Added indonesia to languages list and I'll be updating Culture Holders list tomorrow (since I'm on mobile right now)
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Ima oodamu - polish, english, a tiny little bit of german. I was learning japanese but I don't really know the language
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Replays, Videos

Just reminding, you can add your location to specify which "kind" of language you speak, and I'll make it clear in the list

e.g.: English (US); English (UK); French (FR); French (CA); Portuguese (BR); Portuguese (PT); etc
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adf me already meany >:c
I speak spanish pretty well, could teach someone (Argentina/Spain). I'd love to learn Russian or German P:
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