Btw, when 打 is used in relation to a person or living thing, it usually means to beat or beat up.

Google translate probably said "I play with my brother". Which wasn't really what I said x)
So basically:
我打我弟弟 - I play with my brother/I beat my brother
我和我弟弟打___ - My brother and I are playing____
You also forgot 吗, which is used after a sentence to show its a question
你好吗 and 你好 mean two different things because of the chracter "吗”
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Punish me Daddy~
idk shit about chinese. teach me some basic stuff
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It's just no one usues my shit .
quick thing

"saca só" in portuguese is equivalent to "check it out". Both expressions are informal (I think) so they're probably used in the same way and can be used in similar situations
nobody is gonna make use of that but at least im posting something ok?
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interesting enough, probably going to flex on my friends with it(except one that is really good at portugese and spanish).

also, just noticed that in japanese i have always spelled "koudasai" as "kourasai".
another also, it turn's out that i'm acually pretty good at doing anime impressions and found a new weebish way to impress my friends.
Aadame:I'm very signaturable
It's just no one usues my shit .
Just found out there is a super creative flexion for the verb "blurs"

while reading this passage:

"[...] Tiktaalik gives them a fairly complete the picture of an animal that blurs the distinction between fish and land-based tetrapod.[...]"

then I discovered that one of the words with the closest meaning to "blurs" is "shows"
for those who already speak english that might be dumb but for me it was pretty amazing to learn

another amazing thing imo:

coping: (of a person) deal effectively with something difficult.
e.g.: his ability to cope with stress
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I just read somewhere the difference between "to be up for" and "to be down for", and I always wondered why there are two expressions for this

apparently, when you ask if someone is up for something, it is something you are willing to do

but if you ask if someone is down for something, that means you already agreed to do whatever it is. Like you put name down in the list
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