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do you mind if i join too?
I can speak english and Indonesia and want to learn either French or Italian

Salut mec, comment ça va?
Wikibooks for language learning:
i recommend this book for french learning. I've leart almost all of my french there.
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Salut mec, comment ça va?

je vais bien, et vous?
"0h no" -Trice
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j'utilise encore google traduction pour l'instant
"0h no" -Trice
A.K.A Tricerafi || Thanks Papa Donut, bless you
Je ne suis pas très content car je suis obligé de vous parler avec un bon langage et en respectant la grammaire et tout ça mais j'espère que cela vous aide à la longue^

How's google translate going there for ya my man? I've been learning this shit language for so long and I still hate it. It's been like 12-13 years learning this and I still can't handle it a lot xD
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well... i don't know about the grammar and all, since i know that google translation is shit tier if it comes to grammar. I am hoping if there is any mistake someone can point it out and why
"0h no" -Trice
A.K.A Tricerafi || Thanks Papa Donut, bless you
Je vais bien aussi, merci beaucop. J'ai pu lire tout que vous avez écrit, sans utiliser le Google Traductor.
Niquez moi.

It becomes easier when you use it almost daily, I joined a few Discord chats of native french people(since 5 months or so already). And i need to say it, the french people are really chill, i really like being around them.
discord: victortb#9592
Hello i'm Brazilian and I speak English and Portuguese (BR).
Also, i'm Portuguese/English teacher in real life.
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Does anyone have a good/funny british expression? Victor introduced me some good ones and I want moar >:^(

Also as a request, instead of "As easy as ABC" I want to add a weird expression so, any suggestions are appreciated.

culture: "Cachorro" in portuguese is dog, "cachorro" in spanish is any mammal puppy if I'm not mistaken. That is fucked up. "Puppy" feels like a term only dogs but, if there are cats puppies, you'd hear "this is a cat [dog]" if you are portuguese and you were talking to a spanish person.

@Onsola: can you confirm?
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