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also, it's effing glOw.
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Hello, thank you for this thread. It is probably the best thread in the entire toribash forums.
I will bookmark it and read all of your long posts later.

You could easily make a blog about this or something

u r a frien d thank u

I don't think I'll be posting a lot of serious stuff for now, as really things are kind of cold atm where I live, if I lived somewhere else in the country I'm sure I wouldn't even be posting as I'd have no power and cops would've probably gotten into my house to check I didn't loot anything and then proceed to steal my shit like they're doing in Maracaibo, but once it starts catching fire again I'm sure I'll have a ton to tell
ale i fucking love you and i don't wanna just dwell on shit but i've heard a lot in the "eNews" recently and my heart just goes so fucking far out for you man i can't even

i love you ale holy shit please stay strong <3
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also, it's effing glOw.
It's fucking happening again. Yesterday it was localized, 7 or 8 hours, can't even count them anymore, now, 5am nationwide blackout, everyone I can contact is under the same predicamnet, god, honestly I'm starting to lose it, and the worst thing is that I don't know if it'd be better if I lost it, at least I'd be numb to the anger I guess.

Even the opposition politicians are fucking bleak and useless, today, one claiming that he 'didn't want american intervention because it'll take away my protagonism' caused backlash on twitter, though this is the kind of people we're dealing with: sociopathic narcissists from both sides. I honestly don't know what the fuck I should think by now.

You know what I should think? I think I should try to leave as soon as possible. This country is simply not worth it anymore and it hasn't been in years. Lately I've slowly but surely been bringing closure to things and to myself, and I hope soon I can finally leave for good, and not look back, only having the leftover subconscious pavlovian effects affecting all venezuelans for years, panic whenever we hear a motorcycle's humming, unconscious hoarding because we think it's going to go scarce, an idea of lack of control for the future because we don't know if tomorrow everything goes even further to shit.

But I guess it makes me stronger.

I guess it makes all of us stronger, and my generation has been extremely resilient and fearless, you know, just yesterday, I was talking to a very good friend of mine in Chile, he was telling me about how lonely he felt, being surrounded by people that didn't get him and didn't share his humor and didn't really have anything in common with but routine; and you know what's the worst to me about that? I felt it too. Living in my own country with my own people, I felt that same loneliness. I felt the same purposeless void that he felt. I don't know what to blame, is it postmodern cynicism? is it the lack of wholesome sincerity in the whole globalized world of today? or does it go further, deep inside of us? is it my country, or is it my zeitgeist?

I honestly don't know, I just need to vent. It's 6:13AM and we had internet for about 4hrs, from 1AM to 5AM, rest of it was through expensive phone data that I can fortunately afford, I don't know for how long though, the economy is dead, and you're pretty much incredibly out of luck if your trade is not food or water. My family's business is mainly management of artists, imagine that lmao, who the fuck is going to call in for a performance at such dire times? our savings are depleting, and even though we've thankfully somewhat successfully ventured into other business models, it hits hard.

When I heard my brother say that the internet was back, I woke up, 4AM, having slept 4 hours; I was excited to have proper internet and not phone data, my schedule didn't matter, it didn't matter that I hadn't slept nearly enough. I feel so fucking disgusted. I feel like such an instinctive animal, I feel like I'm succumbing to the crumbs we're given.

I hate it.


I wrote that before going to sleep, still, pretty fucking sad, I just let go honestly, I'm really shocked at how much I can suppress from my conscious state, and I just notice all that's happened once I read it.

Thanks for all the love, guys, politically speaking, nothing is going on, we're at a stalemate, Russia brought some troops in, and that means the worse, honestly, because if it's not an unlikely Trojan Horse, then it means that if the US invades and even dares touch Russian forces, there'll be retaliation, and of course Venezuela is not worth that retaliation, uh, everyone's just guessing that the deals have been made and the hands have been shaken, fucked up shit. We're waiting for a Florida state of exception to go into place so we can legally move, it's being discussed, though, still need to suffer for some months in here.

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I love you Ale... My heart goes so far fucking out for you and I will truly and honestly help you get out of Venezuela if I ever have the opportunity. Seeing you like this makes me want to help so badly... I just want to help so bad. Any way I can, man. I will always be here on the forum and stuff <3
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also, it's effing glOw.