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Christmas Lottery 2019

Hello, welcome to Christmas Lottery 2019 hosted by the Market Squad!
This is the place where you can blow away all your Christmas money and get the slim chance to get way more out of it than anywhere else!

Ok so this year we have some different things :OOOOOOO

Now we have 5 tickets instead of 3, and one of them is for clans!

Cheap and Cheerful Tickets: 5,000 TC per ticket; 45,000 TC for 10 tickets
Luxury Item Tickets: 10,000 TC per ticket; 90,000 TC for 10 tickets
Mystery Tickets: 20,000 TC per ticket; no discounts
Epic Tickets: 20,000 TC per ticket; no discounts
Clans Tickets: 2,000 Perk Points per ticket; no discounts

Each tier has more expensive prizes than the one before, but look for yourself!

Send the money you want to spend on tickets to SANTA.

Please make sure to mention which tickets you are buying in the TC form you send to Santa. If it is not clear which ones you are buying we are going to assume you want Cheap and Cheerful tickets.

If for some reason you sent the TC form without the message, don’t worry, just make sure to send a follow-up PM to Santa with the form attached — his elves will get the message to him.

You can buy as many tickets as you want as many times as you want.

Use this form:
User this is for:
TC sent:
Tiers: c&c - luxury - mystery - epic
Amounts: 5 - 5 - 5
User this is for: SANTA
TC sent: 175,000tc
If you want to keep the tickets for yourself just leave the third line empty. If you happen to be a nice person who wants to gift tickets to someone else, put their name into the third line!

For CLAN TICKETS, send a PM to Santa with the following format:

Amount of tickets you want: make sure to check how many perk points your clan have first
Clan tag and name:

The prizes for the Mystery Tickets remain secret. You do not know what you are getting into!
Please note that the prizes still may change. When they change they will become more, not less.
We also do accept donations. Just send all donations to LIFE and they will be taken care of!

We got lots of small and big treats. The items will be no-qi during the initial transfer, meaning that you can win stuff you normally couldn't buy. :]

This Lottery ends on 20th December
The Winners will be announced on 24th December

No more tickets will be sold after the December the 20th at 0:00 Standard Time (GMT 0).

Shoutout for the nice people out there!

If you want to be a nice person and happen to be ridiculously rich, why not go out and find someone poor to gift them a ticket or two? We do not only take donations but also accept people buying tickets for each other!
Just send the money over to Santa and fill out the form accordingly. The rest will be taken care of for you! If you have a donation to make, please send it to LIFE instead.

Feel free to ask questions! Merry X-mas and a Happy New Year everyone!
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