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Dream Movie. Plot, Cast & Crew.
For me it'd be a poltergeist type of film starring Eddie Redmayne and Elizabeth Olsen. A great director for it would be Guillermo del Toro, while he hasn't done any horror type films I'm sure he could handle it. And Screenplay by David Lindsay-Abaire who made 2015's Poltergeist.
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Make me a Romance Comedy movie with all the characters being Napolean Dynamite (including the women). It should all be in mandarin w/ the voiceovers being at least 3 seconds late, and it should be some indie director or something like that so that no one knows about it really. It will be in some really old VCR in the depths of some Hollywood bunker. KGO
Michael Fassbender and Jude Law star in a mystery/romance drama. Hughie (Michael) and Tom (Jude) find themselves drawn together after Hughie's sister and Jude's fiance Emma (Margot Robbie) is killed. The two of them bond at the funeral and decide to take it upon themselves to find the murderer.

Tom and Hughie develop a deep friendship as they uncover clue after clue leading them closer to uncovering the identity of the murderer - It must be someone they know! After a particularly dangerous encounter with a suspect (turned out to be a dead end), Tom discovers that Hughie is gay, and Tom asks is Hughie thinks he's hot:
Tom: Do u think im hot lol?
Hughie: Yeh ur pretty hot haha id probably sex you haha
Tom: ...do u want to sex?
Hughie: i thought u would never ask!
*Tom and Hughie sex hard for a while*
After Tom and Hughie's lovemaking they get back to the case and before long they find the murderer.

Emma came home one night to Hughie having another one of his crazy gay sex parties and she was not impressed. The two went outside and started arguing. Emma eventually said Hughie has a small dick and that put Hughie into a fit of rage. Hughie grabbed Emma by the neck and raised her against the wall of a shed. He punched her in the stomach shouting "WHY DO YOU ALWAYS HAVE TO HUMILIATE ME?" repeatedly, each punch causing Emma to cough blood and gargle. Hughie wouldn't stop. After a while Emma lost consciousness. Hughie kept going.

Hughie related this story to Tom after a round of ignorantly blissful lovemaking. Tom's been infected by gay though, so he doesn't really care about it and just wants Hughie's cock. Hughie laughs! This was Hughie's plan all along!

End credits

This would be written by Aaron Sorkin.
A comedy movie staring Adam Sandler would be the dream tbh

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Divine happy birthday - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adam_Sandler

@Ele it would definitely be an interesting film to watch and good plot twist. The script's terminology may need some work to reduce some lols and grammatical errors. 8/10. I still think Olsen and Redmayne in Poltergeist II would be much better.
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