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Introducing SilasLarke
Hey guys! Just got the game and have been sparring for a couple of days with a buddy of mine who got into the game around the same time! Really loving the concept and have been having a blast finding ways to slip out of impossible situations.

The community is hysterical so far, a lot less toxic than what I'm used to for PC communities. I'm beginning to develop my own personality in-game so I'm hoping to get a bit of a presence on the forums now!

If you guys have any tips for my buddy and I on what direction to go in if we want to get seriously good at the game, please; we're all ears!
its great to hear that you have fun so far! getting through tough situations is always fun and you learn alot from it.

indeed the community is pretty calm, there are a few black sheep once in a while but that happens everywhere. one reason for this is that the community itself isnt that large as compared to other games.

personally i would recommend, if you want to get better, play against good people, see what they focus on (points, fractures, disemberments, counter attacks...) are just a few to name them.
eventually learn what the strongest moves are in certain mods (and how to counter them) such as shoveling in aikido or lifting in aikidbigdojo. Downside of those is that they are commonly known as "noob" moves because they are hard to counter, but they are incredible strong if you want to play for a win.
also, opener moves, try to fool around sometimes and see what sticks, which opener can bring you to, like grab your opponents leg, head or whatver youre aiming for. eventually you can also copy an opener from other people.

dont forget to have fun, the beginnin can be quite frustrating, but you'll certainly improve over time!
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welcome! it's always good to see new members enjoy the game

i agree with blubkill, the community here is usually pretty chill, with a couple bad ones out there. just ignore them and they will leave you alone :P

in my opinion, if you want to get better at controlling your tori's movements and learning more realism in this game, try to get into sparring, as soon as you can run. there are alot of really good youtube tutorials out there, and i personally recommend this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ymAaNEw3YV0

parkour is also another way to go if you really want to learn how your tori's movements work, and it's a little easier to learn, as it doesn't require a second player to get good at. aikido is another mod that will prove challenging and a good way to learn! in the end though, it's all up to you.
i wish you the best! if you see me in a game, don't hesitate to pop in and say hi. good luck!
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Welcome to the Toribash Community!

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