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Market rule
"B) Do not attempt to sell, or pay with items or ToriCredits that are not in the inventory of the account that is posting. This also covers the sale of items currently in the market."

Just wanted to know, why?

I mean, this rules don't make sense, If you are sure to get the item and want to sell why to no sell? And if you want ton spend yours shia token only after to be paid for the item you sell what wrong with that too?
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It's so the transfer history can be more easily accessed and the account doing the transfer can be held accountable for any discrepancies with solid proof. Also it is to prevent users running into trouble, making a deal and then not being able to pay. Not that it is a huge issue but it is less common when the items/tc for transfer is on their main during the deal. It also makes one less step for MS to backtrack through.
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Yes it's true, I understand, but in the case of the events items, you can see in the deac if you have shia tokens to buy the item or not to sell it after, it was just to prevent unsuless spend of shia tokens, but nevermind it's not very important by the way, we will not change the rule for me haha ^^ tx for reply
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There's also the issue that you could exchange your ST for a different item after making a deal or even getting the TC. Which would then cause unnecessary work for the staff members handling the situation.
I hope I don't get infracted for this, but Why does that include the market inventory? You still own the item
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I assume it's because items on the market inventory can sell before you have a chance to send to that person.
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