Head Texture of the Month: Freestyle
Well, firstly you must by the head texture item in the shop or market.
Then activate it.
then upload a picture that is 128x128 that you wish to be your head texture.
When it is activated, go to shop, textures and you will see "choose file" you find the 128x128 image on your computer and upload it.
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um how do I install non head textures,there isn't a browse button

You need to buy them, currently you only own 2 head textures. After you’ve bought body or joint textures you can edit and upload whatever picture you want to them.

example - search: 128x128 Left Foot Texture in the market. Or you can find also find them in the Torishop.
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So i know this is sort off off-topic, but, how would you equip items on uke?

only way, as far as I know, is going to toribash folder, then data>custom>uke and you can edit manually uke's set and items, but with items like forces and gradients, trails etc you have to use the "item.[something]" that every player custom has and edit with notepad. I have no idea how this notepad edit works though, but you can always just copy another player's *item* and paste on uke's custom
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