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I need a boxshu opener
The opener I'm using is a youtube opener but it was the only one I found and maybe post below a boxshu opener, please
Hold all, contract left pec, contract right pec, space bar

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Hold all, contract left pec, contract right pec, space bar

Dont do that
extend neck, contract left ankle, contract right hip and left elbow and click the hands to grab, and to finish you rotate your lumbar to the left
I like to make disguting heads at unreasonable prices
Hold all (c)
contract left pec
contract right pec
extend left elbow
extend right elbow
contract abs

best opener

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Instead of asking for openers, it's important to experiment with your tori and understand how everything works, once you've did that, just get creative.

From time to time I just spam z and x on random joints until I create something that doesn't self DQ, then I roll with it. It's not a 100% guaranteed win, because I suck, but it's still somehow relatively effective nonetheless.
To have a good Boxswhu Opener. Porform these moves.

Step One - Contart your hips.
Step to - Extent your Pecs
Press space
Now extent your hips and conract your pecs. You will do flying punch