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!000 bot
Some bot came in and told everyone to "type !000 to win 1000 TC." I figured it was something from nabi, as a test, or some useless practical joke, and I typed it.

Crashed TB.

It works on SP too. I'm using 3.72.
- its been a while
That is very weird...
I even don't imagine what the hell is that...
U said that u already figured out what is that...
So i don't understand...
Why u are posting this in support?

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Ah motherfucker, I know the guy who does that, but i can't remember his name...

That command reverses the colors on the screen, it's gonna take a super computer to handle it.

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After a little messing around it seems that !xyz is a special charecter typer of some sort(?); but when hit enter WITH ANYTHING BUT !000 it comes up as !111 or whatever you typed in.
very weird
u can trust bots

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Not always.

Most bots are fine, but there are bots that are used specifically to spam internet addresses and annoying phrases.

And also, bots are people.

A bot is normally a program that runs as a TB member, however it cannot participate in the game. This program is ALWAYS controlled by a person, no exceptions. So, if you can trust the person running the program, you can trust the bot.
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As said above, this seems to be a graphic related issue, maybe a command to check for graphic faults, only meant to be known by hampa and sort, so that they can test.

it seems to be graphics, as my computer is pretty fast, can run most games, but just doesnt have a decent graphics card.

that, or its just a random bug thats there for no reason x3
(oh lol the first 4 were just my tb)

Text has zero width

Is what stderr says about it

So... :V
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