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%Copy Textures
Undead99 wear my textures... all his textures are same as mine i bought my textures for 20k...
I think it's my textures because i pay for it... I bought
this textures from Munich. AND I think he mustn't use MY textures! ( undead99 )
I /dl /lp'd you both. it's only the torso textures which are the same, the rest of the textures are different. Are you sure that the textures were made specifically for you, or did Munich inform you that he may use them elsewhere?
Quit, probably.
BirdFlu... Yesterday he got ALL same textures as me... so i think he change some textures because he scared of ban or something... AND Munich made this textures and sold it me.
Yes... i /lp him now... he change all... Yesterday he rlly got same head... same leg textures and other... BTW Thanks for help ;P
Well if he took it off then it's cool.

If you see it on him again, take some screenshots and PM me.

Vox sucks
[10:14]<siku> magnificent sparkling vampire
[10:14]<siku> i love you edward

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