space invader is the owner of shiik ^ proof
and as you can see in this pic (go 3/4 lines down)

i have see this set i am wearing advertized (cant find proof)
and i remember asking to buy texture items from him a while back and i asked to have shiiks
that is the set now
i am 99.9 % shore that this is the set
If that set is actually somebody else's set then just stop wearing it and report spaceinvader for illegal texture sale.

Of course, as suomynona said, you'd need to way at least 24 hours.

Vox sucks
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[10:14]<siku> i love you edward

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i believe that when space invader buys accounts he transfers everything from them onto his account
i believe these textures were on the account when he bought it and i dont think that he ever sold it until i received them during the account sale

i will wait and take your advise

u will keep you updated
i bought the account shiik a while ago and with shiik there was a full texture set with thees textures on it.
as i bought the hole account it also includes the texture set wich lebabris is waring right now.
i legaly sold it to lebabris and he is allowed to use it as i was too.
if someone else bought this set also then its not a faliure of mine but of the texturer.