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%I am not "hardworker"
i'm gabiel , hamster banned all my accounts (including my custom belt one) some months ago and the reason was "Bye!" , then i asked Fee he told me some poeple probably banned me because i "was hardworker and i farmed"..
I don't think you have any proof to show me , as it's not true.
plus i hated this asshole , he was always stoling my customers etc.

i never farmed, i defintly suck in MP .. i'm not "HARDWORKER".

So could i please get back my custom belt account "volk23" ? if not , well nvm , i know "Nabi Studios reserve the right to remove, edit, move or close any thread for any reason. They also may ban and modify accounts for any reason, without an obligation to tell you in advanced or afterwards.. "

and i agreed with that when i registred, so yah.
Not support material, read the rules entitled [READ FIRST], we aren't the place for the discussion of bans, send a personal message to an admin or smod.
Banned for spamming.

Vox sucks
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