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%Keep away from virus
Ok. Pacman sent me the virus ( trojan) like his song to me. my antivirus became mad and told me that it is dangerous for system32. So guys do not acept such files from him.
Ridin' Solo.exe
if you were stupid enought to accept and open it, follow these steps:
#1 read computer talks stickies
#2 Contact your administrator
#3 If you have copy of this file on pc, then send it to me please:a205bw < skype
ElBanto is banned, and he was going to send a link for his song to some people. I think we escaped luckily without any virus.
Keep away from fail, the only support worthy post here is 931bw's post. Closed.

Read the stickies, especially the '[READ FIRST]' ones, before posting.