There are a few different ways actually. The one I've always been familiar with is using Gimp. For Gimp, you simply open or create the texture you wish to preview inside of the program and then from there go to Filters > Animation > Spinning Globe (For the amount of frames I prefer 40 because it creates a smoother rotation but it's slower.)
Then go back to filters > animation > playback.
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You should ask this in beginners sanctuary(not backseatmodding) next time, or pm someone who uses GIMP or Photoshop.
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EDIT: WOW WTH now its saying plugin map...?!??! help
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OK when you finish the head merge all layers
then go to the spinning globe option after that
pops up you set the turnframes to 26 or so then
wait for it to complete then save it in a gif and save
as animation an don't merge the spinning globe layers

what else?
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shud i finish this set? go to 1st set thread.. in art XD

shud i finish this set? SHIT sorry for dble post !!!!!!!!
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