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Toribash 5.43-beta1 (Steam, Windows only)
Hi, 5.43 beta 1 is now available on Steam on beta branch

Updates in 5.43:
- New queue list dropdown (shows basic player info by default, dropdown options depend on your room permissions)
- Ingame reports in queuelist dropdown (scam reports are automatically submitted to scam reports board, all other reports can only be seen by staff)
- Vanilla colors and 3D item previews in Store (press "preview" button to open, ESC to toggle between default Store view and vanilla preview)
- Upgraded inventory
- Autosaved replays are now sorted by creation date (newest first)

Known bugs:
- "Preview" button in store is out of place and is shown for all items instead of only those that support it
- Hair items cannot be previewed in vanilla item preview
- Items cannot be upgraded from inventory

If you spot any bugs, post what you've found and how I can replicate it in this thread and I'll send you 10k.
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