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Toribash 5.53 beta - Steam (Windows)
Toribash 5.53b1 is now available on beta and alpha branches on Steam for Windows.
To try it out, go to Toribash properties from your Steam Library, open Betas tab and switch to the appropriate branch.

Toribash 5.53 alpha release thread

Updates in this beta:

  • Added ability to put items on sale in market from inventory menu
  • Added folder choice dropdown in replay save menu as per Shogunna's suggestion
  • Pressing F to save replay will no longer display temporary replay file name as current fight name
  • Re-saving an active replay will no longer modify replay players
  • Fixed some possible replay cache generator crashes and made it keep more stable fps while working
  • Fixed bug with spectator info dropdown always showing roles for the first spectator
  • Fixed bug with quests data not updating while in multiplayer
  • Fixed bug with clan data files spamming the download queue
  • Fixed bug with confirmation screen's buttons sometimes getting cut on sides due to being too wide
  • Changed pre_draw lua hook behavior to work in any game mode

This build should be now relatively close to a release version.
If you spot any bugs, please let me know (either here or on Discord).