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Event Rules & Guidelines
Event Board Rules
  • All global rules apply in this board.
  • Useless posts are not allowed.
    Posts that lack content and are unrelated to an event will be considered useless. Posts resembling "nice event" or "reserved" (in events where you don't require prior reservations) will be considered useless and infracted.
  • Do not use this board to request replays for videos. Use the Art board instead.
  • Highly recommended you read the "Everything about events" post if you'd prefer some further clarification.

Rules for Hosting / Creating Events
  • Lotteries
    Lotteries or lucky dips are strictly not allowed.
    These types of events are only to be hosted by the Event Squad / Nabi employees. Events such as lotteries, lucky dips or raffles; where the premise of winning involves probability to be defining contributor of winning the event are not allowed.
  • Entry Fees
    Events can have an entry fee where the host is allowed to charge a fee to allow a user to participate. But, 100% of the participation fee collected must be given in the rewards. Profiting from events are not allowed. Events inclusive of participation or "entry fees" with USD or any real currency is absolutely prohibited. No exceptions.
  • Reference Links
    Events involving rewarding users for signing up with a referral link or anything similar in nature will be disregarded, closed and the user creating the event thread will face punishment.
  • Advertisement
    The Events board is not meant to be used as a free alternative to the In-game broadcast feature. If you wish to advertise your in-game events, ensure you meet certain standards or have it be a recurring event that actually requires the event thread serve a purpose of feasibility & convenience. Do not use this board to advertise a random tourney you're about to host.
    Alternatively, you may also find this thread helpful, that touches on advertisement via the Event Squad.
  • Clan Events
    All aforementioned rules apply to any clan hosted events, whether it be on this board or their own. Events that are targeted towards only their clan members being participants are exempt from these rules.
  • Finish your event.
    • Your event must have a specified deadline - where, entries will no longer be taken, and prizes are to be given out. (Unless specified that it is a continuous / recurring event)
    • When you've made an event, you are liable and responsible to see that the event created finishes completely and prizes are sent out to the winners. If you fail to do so, the Event Squad will take action and compensate winners from your inventory as they see fit.
    • Failure to uphold your own even could possibly result in a ban. You are not permitted to abandon an event while substantial progress has been made under any circumstances.
    • "Failure to uphold an event" may be defined as the Event Squad sees fit. But generally, it's along the lines of abandoning your event with progress made and failure to send rewards to the event winners.
    You may reach out to an ES lead if you require further clarification on these rules or consultation on your event execution.
    Current ES Lead(s) - melrose
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