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How it works

We are incredibly excited to announce to you our brand new, improved and hopefully better BATTLEPASS!

The Battlepass is a way you can earn rewards just from playing the game. Various aspects of the game grant you xp towards the Battlepass such as ranked(coming next month!), tournaments, quests and even just playing with your friends normally. As you gain XP you gain levels along with it, as you hit these levels you unlock rewards at every tier.
We have two versions of the Battlepass, a free version and a premium version which costs $10. Purchasing the premium Battlepass allows you to gain both sets of rewards.

Battle Pass prizes include Toricredits, Shiai Tokens, Boosters, Flames, Color and 3D items as well as unique BP-specific new items!


You can purchase a Premium version of Battle Pass to receive even better rewards, including a limited edition color.
Press the "Upgrade to Premium" button on the Battle Pass screen and you will be able to claim 3X more Toricredits, 2X more Shiai Tokens and more!

If grinding isn't your thing, it is possible to purchase levels throughout the Battlepass using Shiai Tokens, too.

This battlepass(es) will last for a month each, they've been adjusted from the last battlepass and made easier to complete.
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