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Battlepass: April



This time around it's a blast from the past, both when it comes to the theme and the colour!

Fossil is back exclusively for this month, this time with 3 new items that are sure to bring you that antiquity vibe!
Make sure to explore the new items, here are some previews!


What's new:
  • New quests with lower completion threshold. (ex. "win 10 games" to "win 5 games)
  • New quest mods for the community to explore. (new mods for quests to complete, like joustingfixed or judofrac)
  • Rotating mods! Public lobbies will have their share of fun. (every month will have new mods, more mods like gthotdog or lolnade!)
  • Better xp scaling, playing longer games (spar/parkour/MAS) will now be a more viable way to gain levels.
We got some new quests coming your way! For now we only did some minor changes, but with the help of everyone that took part in the survey we'll be able to provide some new ways to complete quests with the next Battlepass.

One more thing to be excited about are the changes to xp gain! The completion of quests should be far more rewarding, we don't want it to feel like a grind, the progression should be far better this month. That, and you'll be getting more xp from here on out, . this should make the completion of this months Battlepass far more natural and simple.