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Flame Forge Basics
This is a list of what all the sliders do individually. There are a lot of different things doable from combining certain effects, but my list of currently interesting effects of combinations is fairly long. Such advanced techniques make each individual forger unique, so thus I will not divulge them for the sake of preserving variation in creativity, style, and profitable trade secrets.

Require 3.72 or later. To get to flame forge, press ctrl+L ingame.

THIS IS NOT A PLACE TO ASK HOW CERTAIN EFFECTS ARE MADE. This is just a tutorial list of what the slider functions are. Questions to clarify what a function does is acceptable.

bodypart: see this for body parts
The flame particles are generated on this bodypart number.

timestep: overall speed. more is faster

damping: inverted value for deceleration/"air drag". 1 = none. 0 = max.

blend: 1 = additive color, else negative color. On 1, colors add on. A (255,0,0) particle on a (0,255,0) background makes yellow (255,255,0). Thus, it's "invisible" on a white background. Else, particle color is subtracted. Background of (255,255,255) minus particle (255,0,0) is cyan (0,255,255).

sink: 0 means particles don't get absorbed into the ground, while 1 means they do. While it may seem fun to turn it off, the fake reflection when the option is on makes it look odd.

color_r,g,b,a,random: Red, Green, Blue starting particle colors, effect depends on blend. Alpha only matters for blend=1. random gives random start colors and disables other RGB values.

target_color_r,g,b,a,random: RGBA that all particles will change to from start color at a rate depending on target_color_scale.

target_color_scale: rate at which particles change color towards target_r,g,b,a,random.

age_start,limit: the difference determines the lifetime of the particle.

age_sigma: indeterminable. supposedly variation and probability range of lifetimes.

emit_scale: size of emission source, from 1 (the size of the bodypart) to 2 (double width/height/depth)

emit_amount: rate of particles emitted, varies naturally

size: starting size at emission source

size_random: random amount to randomly add/subtract. size is maxed at 100.

target_size: ending size

target_size_scale: rate at which size changes towards target_size

target_size_random: random amount to randomly add/subtract to target_size

random_displace_x,y,z: amount to randomly add/subtract to particle positions in given direction. Gives jitter.

random_displace_random: applies to all three directions.

rotatable: 1 makes velocity_x,y,z directions relative to bodypart rotation

gravity_x,y,z: acceleration in each direction.

velocity_x,y,z: starting velocity of particles from emission source

velocity_random: random starting velocity

ORBIT: enables orbit. Provides an acceleration towards a bodypart inversely proportional to radial distance, much like gravity.

orbit_bodypart: target of orbit

orbit_magnitude: multiplier of acceleration given to particles in direction of orbit_bodypart

orbit_epsilon: orbit's effect dampener at close distances

GRAVITATE: enables gravitate. Adds acceleration towards a mass of particles "center of mass"

gravitate_magnitude: multiplier on acceleration given.

gravitate_epsilon: gravitate's effect dampener

gravitate_max_radius: limited distance of effect

FOLLOW: enables follow. Adds acceleration to particles from every particle towards every other particle.

follow_magnitude: multiplier on acceleration given.

follow_epsilon: follow's effect dampener

SINK_BODY: enables sink_body. This removes particles from an area around a bodypart

sink_body_bodypart: bodypart to remove particles near to it

sink_body_radius: distance from bodypart which sink_body will remove particles
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