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[S/B] Kyle's Flamez Shop
Hello and welcome to...

I, Kyle, am here strive to provide best quality flames in toribash community.
Take a look around and find the flame that might meet your needs of.
I'd guaraante all of them are good ones, that even beautify your apparation and mesmerizing everybody eyes.
Before starting a bid, you have to adhere to the following rules beforehand.

● You offer first.
● Accept TCs and USD as payment methods.
Flame swap are acceptable.
● No low-balling if you're attempt to buy.
● No high-balling if you're attempt to sell.
● No rude and obnoxious post.
● Please state clearly what flames you'd want to buy.
This rule also work if you want to sell.
● Provide in-game screenshot and IDs are obviously mandatory if you're going to sell.
Always check their IDs first!
I am just a normal human being.
So any mismatch flame preview with linked IDs perhaps may occur.

The violation of rules above may result neglection of your offer(s).
Serious offence may result blacklisted from this thread permanently.

Flame 1

Flame 2

Flame 3

Flame 4

Flame 5

Flame 6

Flame 7

Flame 8

Flame 9

Flame 10

Flame 11

Flame 12

Flame 13

Flame 14

Flame 15

Flame 16

Flame 17

Flame 18

Flame 19

Flame 20

Flame 21

Flame 22

Flame 23

Flame 24

Flame 25

Flame 26

Flame 27

Flame 28

Flame 29

Flame 30

Flame 31

Flame 32

Flame 33

Flame 34

Flame 35

Flame 36

Flame 37

Flame 38

Flame 39

Flame 40

Flame 41

Flame 42

Flame 43

Flame 44

Flame 45

Flame 46

Flame 47

Flame 48

Flame 49

Interested in any kind of flames.
Check my wallet here beforehand.

This is where i'd burry my history so far for future prefences and personal records.
Please refrain from opening the spoiler :P
WARNING! Bandwidth Killer!

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